Business Strategy

Our Business Strategy is not limited to the below areas; these are a guide to some of the key points for consideration when growing a successful business.

Have you considered the following:

Business Strategy

• Do you have a strategy?
• What are your barriers to success?
• Who are your Competitors?

Financial Health:
• Are you managing your cash flow?
• Have you considered your liquidity in the marketplace?
• Do you have a clear financial picture?

Sales & Marketing:
• Do you know your target audience?
• Have you effective lead generation practices?
• Do you depict a clear 'brand' to your target audience?

• Are your operations effective?
• Do you have a clear procurement process?
• Productivity; do you know your output to input ratio?

• H.R., Employment and Structure; are you doing all you can to optimise the effectiveness of your staff?
• Can you be sure you are meeting all Governance & Compliance requirements?
• Can you identify your 'risks' and have you put measures in place to manage them?